Why is the NexGen2™ OneSide bolt better than hollo-bolt?

Although both are types of blind bolt fasteners, find out why using the NexGen2™ OneSide Bolt is a better option.

Both the NexGen2™ OneSide bolt and the Hollo-Bolt are types of blind bolt fasteners used for attaching structural elements, but there are several reasons why the NexGen2™ OneSide bolt may be considered better than the Hollo-Bolt in certain applications:

  1. Higher Strength
    The main reason to choose the NexGen2™ OneSide over the Hollo-Bolt is the NexGen2™ bolt has a higher tensile and shear strength - helping it withstand higher loads and stresses. Never compromise strength when it comes to your fastening application. 
  2. Ease of Installation
    A perk of the NexGen2™ OneSide bolt is its ease of installation. It has a single-piece design that eliminates the need for a separate collar and requires only a standard wrench or socket for installation. The bolts unique design allows for a quick and easy installation in just 36 seconds! Don't believe us? Watch the video below!
  1. Application Range
    The NexGen2™ OneSide bolt can be used in a wider range of applications than the Hollo-Bolt - such as flat plate installation on towers, structural bolting in HSS members and more. Unlike the Hollo-Bolt, the OneSide bolt can be used in a variety of materials including steel, aluminum and wood.
  2. Corrosion Resistance
    A unique two-layer coating system that provides enhanced corrosion resistance covers the NexGen2™ OneSide bolt - making it more suitable for outdoor and marine applications.
  3. Durability
    The NexGen2™ Oneside bolt has been tested, provides a longer life per application compared to the Hollo-Bolt. 

In short, choose the NexGen2™ OneSide bolt in your next blind bolting application de to its higher strength capabilities, ease of installation and durability.

As always, it is important to consult with a fasteners expert when choosing the right fastener for your application. Our team has decades on in the field experience, and is ready to assist you in any way possible. Give one of our representatives a call today at 888.859.6060 or send us an email.