Why Is A Blind Bolt Fastener Better Than Field Welding

Blind bolting, is it better than field welding. Read to find out.

Blind bolt fasteners and field welding are both methods for attaching structural elements, but there are several reasons why blind bolt fasteners may be considered better than field welding in certain applications:

  1. Faster Installation
    Blind bolt fasteners can be installed much faster than field welding. They require no special equipment or preparation, and can be installed by a single person using basic tools.
  2. Safer Installation
    Blind bolt fasteners do not require the use of hot work, which can be a safety hazard in certain environments. Blind bolt fasteners can be installed in a variety of weather conditions without the need for special safety equipment.
  3. Lower Cost
    Blind bolt fasteners can be less expensive than field welding, particularly for smaller projects. Blind bolt fasteners do not require the use of specialized welding equipment, and can be installed with standard hand tools.
  4. Easier Inspection
    Blind bolt fasteners are easier to inspect than field welding. Welded connections can be difficult to inspect, particularly in hard-to-reach areas, whereas blind bolt fasteners are more visible and can be checked for tightness and alignment more easily.
  5. Flexibility
    Blind bolt fasteners can be used in a wider range of applications than field welding. They can be used to attach structural elements of different materials, sizes, and shapes, and can be installed in areas where welding may be difficult or impossible.

Overall, blind bolt fasteners can offer faster, safer, and more cost-effective solutions for attaching structural elements than field welding. It is important to consult with a fastener specialist or engineer to determine the best option for your particular project.