What is a Hex Tap Bolt?

find out what a hex tap bolt is.

A hex tap bolt is a type of bolt that is commonly used in construction and machinery. It has a hexagonal head with a threaded shank, and it is designed to be installed with a wrench or socket.

What sets a hex tap bolt apart from a regular hex bolt is that it has a thread that runs the entire length of the shank, unlike a regular bolt that only has a portion of the shank threaded. This allows the hex tap bolt to be threaded directly into a pre-drilled hole in a piece of material, without the need for a nut.

Hex tap bolts are often used in applications where a secure, threaded fastener is needed, such as in machinery, construction, and automotive applications. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and materials, including stainless steel and various grades of steel, depending on the application and the load requirements.