Should I Use Screw Anchors Instead of Wedge Anchors

Both expansion anchors used for fastening into concrete, but which one is better to use?

Screw anchors and wedge anchors are both types of expansion anchors used for attaching fixtures to concrete, masonry, or other solid materials. While both types of anchors have their advantages and disadvantages, here are some reasons why screw anchors may be considered better than wedge anchors in certain applications:

  1. Better Holding Power
    Screw anchors have a greater holding strength than wedge anchors due to their design. Unlike wedge anchors, the screw anchors threads cut into the substrate it's fastening into - thus a stronger grip. Whereas wedge anchors have an expansion tip at the end that pushes into the substrate - providing a good grip strength, but not to the extent of the screw anchor. 
  2. Easier installation 
    Screw anchors are generally easier to install than wedge anchors. They require less drilling and can be inserted quickly and easily with a power tool, making them a popular choice for DIY applications.
  3. Less Risk of Cracking
    When a wedge anchor is installed it can create tension on the substrate/material - that can lead to it to crack or split. Whereas when a screw anchor is installed it distributes the load evenly - lowering the risk of a crack or split.
  4. Better Corrosion Resistance
    Screw anchors are typically made from materials such as stainless steel, which provide better corrosion resistance than the materials used in wedge anchors. This makes screw anchors a better choice for outdoor or marine applications.
  5. More Versatile: 
    Screw anchors are available in a wider range of sizes and styles than wedge anchors, making them suitable for a broader range of applications.

Overall, the choice between screw anchors and wedge anchors will depend on the specific application and the materials involved.

While screw anchors may be a better choice in some situations, wedge anchors may be more suitable in others. It is important to consult with a fastener specialist or engineer to determine the best option for your particular project.