How-To Fasten into Terracotta

The video below will help guide you towards the best way to fasten into terracotta and other hollow block substrates.

In most older buildings terracotta or a cinder material make up a big percentage of the buildings structural support system. These hollow centered materials can be fragile, making it difficult for overhead anchoring applications.

So how do you make it work?

The Solution

To successfully anchor into terracotta, you’ll require a fastener that will provide a secure hold while not damaging the material – enter the umbrella insert.

Designed for overhead applications into terracotta, amongst other surfaces such as hollow concrete block and brick, the umbrella insert introduces a solution for anchoring into terracotta.

For overhead applications, follow these simple steps. 

  • Drill into the surface of the terracotta using a carbide tipped bit and rotation method.
  • Using a piece of threaded rod, place the umbrella insert onto the rod.
  • Squeeze the insert to minimize its size and push the insert into the hole until the umbrella opens inside the cavity.
  • Once placed, remove the threaded rod from the umbrella insert.
  • Use the correct epoxy and fill the umbrella insert with resin. By filling the insert with epoxy, the fastener will be embedded in a cone-shape of epoxy with a large surface area above the terracotta layer. This provides exceptional load bearing capacity.
  • Allow the epoxy to cure properly before applying torque.
  • Apply proper torque to anchor, and you are done.

Using an umbrella insert when anchoring into hollow block surfaces is important because it offers strong load bearing capacity while keeping the aesthetics of the surface intact.

Pair with a Premium Epoxy

These inserts are best used with high strength epoxy to help ensure a strong hold. At Allfasteners we supply many different types of chemical anchors and epoxy adhesives, depending on environmental and engineering requirement, such as polyester, vinylester or epoxy-based resins. Our very own range of chemical products has been proven as effective time and time again, in heavy load applications.