How to Choose the Right Adhesive Anchor

This article is designed to help choose the right adhesive anchor for your project.

Allfasteners offers three types of adhesive anchors to choose from: VF200PRO, EF500+ and AF35LVE. 

VF200PRO is a versatile high-strength two-part vinylester resin. Designed to anchor threaded rods & rebar in concrete for very high loads and critical fastenings. Features a high chemical resistance useful in corrosive environments (ACI 355.4), critical and overhead fixings. It can also be used in dry concrete or water-saturated concrete.

EF500+ is a two-part component 100% epoxy based chemical anchoring system. Designed for the most demanding structural applications and rebar connections, EF500+ offers a very high load-bearing capacity. Due to its minimal shrinkage and longer working times, EF500+ is ideal for deep embedment, large diameter holes and high ambient temperatures.

AF35LVE is a two-component, low viscosity epoxy designed for deep embedment of anchor rods in large diameter holes due to its zero shrinkage and longer working times. Due to its ultra-low viscosity, AF35LVE however, has a thixotropic gel-like consistency, and it flows when under pressure and gels once injection stops.